Night Thoughts

February 21, 2010

Night, twilight, darkness, the depth of umbra and fading light that intermingles to create a world of hidden beauty and secrets.

I have grown accustomed to welcoming the evening as the first wave of night that brings to our busy illuminated lives the healing arts of concealment and rest from activity. So much knowledge in every day, ordinary lives the drive to succeed to make an impression on the earth on society, to make it in the world. Such activity, and compulsion, the attempt at a kind of self-assured competence, such frenetic doing…Unintentionally, I have become lost to that world and estranged from the success and ambition of society. I pray to ‘be’… simply ‘be’…quietly, happily in the nocturnal shadows.

The darkness falls gently upon us, while the chiffon-like vale of sunlight – shimmering particles of energy recedes over the horizon, casting lengthening shadows onto the earth, about to rise in flaming majesty on some other dome of the globe. When I was younger darkness was a threat – sometimes it caused a cold shiver on the skin; other times an exciting pulse, a tempting invitation to as yet unknown hedonism. Now the darkness covers me like a warm cloak, wrapping me up in its nocturnal embrace and comforting my wounded soul like a mother, like a gentle, caring wife. You’re alright, friend. You’re ok here. You are welcome here, in the peaceful world of the night.

It’s strange because for so long, so many years, I have yearned, battled and fought, struggled for illumination. Now I sit here in the black peacefulness of the night and I want to ‘die to the world’, to be released to go back, home into the night of God’s love…to disappear, to become unknown…yet free. Free to be no-one, no-one in particular, just set free to worship God in the beauty of His holiness – released into the eternal darkness. I am ‘no-one’ and how happy I feel to be that no-one – peace, quietness of soul, relinquish of self, blessed release.

I am ‘no-one’, a ghost merely that inhabits the world at night…searching, longing for the Beloved -the lover of my soul.

Quiet night…still night…calm night…peaceful death-to-self and rebirth into life by God – so let it be.



  1. A calm place to chill or share

  2. I will continue to read your blog – not what I expected.

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