Snow drops after winter – a sign of new life

March 14, 2010



This winter 2009 to 2010 has been the coldest in Britain for thirty-one years, according to the British newspaper the Guardian (Tuesday 2nd March 2010) and the national Met Office! That’s the majority of my life-time! 

It certainly seems to have been a long and cold season meterologically, as well as for me, personally and spiritually. Is it merely a coincidence that I began a blog named after the Dark Night of the Soul towards the end of the coldest winter in thirty-odd years? I guess, however sophisiticated our central heating technology, our lighting, our cities and housing the weather and the seasons still have a profound effect on us human beings both physically and on our psyches.

I am certainly glad the winter is over. I am starting to   warm up a bit and enjoy the burst of new life in nature that accompanies the coming of Spring. Here is a picture I took today of some snow drops and crocuses from my parents garden. Their tender presence brightens both the earth and our lives.  The reflected light from their colours and pristine whiteness, kisses our eyes, openning our minds again to new life and restoring hope to our  chilled and fearful hearts. They  remind us that:

1. Winter doesn’t last forever. Darkness will pass, light will come.

2. Purity is possible. Even if we can only discern it in the gentle simplicity of a few  flowers.

3. Nature loves colour and variety. As we let go of the past winter and welcome the light of spring, nature longs to shower us with colour and life.

Happy Mothering Sunday! Welcome Spring!


(For full article – British Winter was the coldest for 31 years by Guardian journalist – Adam Gabbatt, see link below )




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