New musical life bursting through the dry ground!!

March 30, 2010
Edgy, gifted musician and songwriter Roo Walker + talented vocalist Emma Holmes


I find it so exciting when I meet up with other young(er) people seeking to create original acts of beauty with a deep spiritual core and presence to their art work. Its even more so when it is done with such subtlety and tender nuances that you could unashamedly introduce them to your sensitive, thoughtful non-religious friends.

I heard Roo Walker for the first time performing at Valley Pentecostal Church, Stocksbridge on Sunday night, March 28th 2010. He performed a mixture of classic pop covers (including a rousing version of Valerie, as covered by Amy Winehouse, with a spontaneous improvised booming base loop) together with some of his own music solo and also in tandem with talented new vocalist Emma Holmes. One track in particular Roo played live that really touched me on the evening. I thought it was another cover version of a track by a band perhaps the Verve or Keane? In fact it was one of Roo’s own compositions – The Sound of Selling Out.

The Sound of Selling Out is a indie-rock song from Roo’s EP Positive Music. The song has heartfelt lyrics that seem to stem from real human and artistic insight into the distress and hope of contemporary living. The guitar has a ring of the 90s independent rock and rollers The La’s – There She Goes together with the ghostly electric sounds and passionate, pain-filled vocals of Keane or Coldplay. There is an eery, haunting beauty to the song that penetrates the inner most chambers of the heart and releases the soul to celebrate…just give thanks for both the glory and the pain of acheing, vibrant young life.

Question – Did it make me want to raise my hands, close my eyes, strike up the lighter and dance? You bettya!!

Question – Will it be a song that I want to take on long drives when I wonder on the beauty of new life as the countryside and city drift by in impressionistic visions? No kidding!

Question – Is it a song you will play again and again and again on repeat? Yep, no doubt about it!

This is champion songwriting and musical performance by a young talent. The song is worth the price of the EP alone, but there is also a moving acoustic guitar peace by Roo (>) which means ‘Greater than’.

Look forward to seeing more of Roo live in the future – solo, in duet with Emma and with other Resound Media established artists.

Respect also to generous, gifted and unassuming young pastor David McEwan for putting on the music and social event and giving a platform and audience for these upcoming artistic talents.

Find Roo at www.resoundmedia.co.uk

Link: http://resoundmedia.co.uk/shop/mp3/roo-walker-postive-music-mp3s.html



  1. you done a good job of selling them in this post i beleve. lol

    • Thanks for the comment Kseverny!

      Yeah I don’t really like selling things…and I wasn’t paid to review this music, (honest!), but it just really spoke to me and I felt was high quality. It is also great to see new artists coming up and creating and performing stuff that stirs your soul. I enjoyed looking at your website too, love the poems and the sketches. The debate on art is a stroke of genius, brilliant, nice to come across some thought provoking debate! Thanks!


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