Night assures us that there is somewhere to go

April 5, 2012

The Sun's brilliance is more apparent at the horizon as night beckons

Father Iain Matthew writes in his book The Impact of God :

”Contemplation is nothing but a hidden, peaceful, loving inflow of God. If it is given room, it will inflame the spirit with love.’

If God is a self-bestowing God, then his gift is liable to engage us. If he is active, then, in prayer, provided we stay around, he is liable to act.

NIGHT: if God is beyond us, his approach is also liable to leave us feeling out of our depth. When the divine engages us more deeply, our minds and feelings will have less to take hold of, accustomed as they are to controlling the agenda, to meeting God on their own terms and in portions they can handle. A deeper gift (from God) will feel like no gift at all. His ‘loving inflow’ is hidden; it is night.’

The Impact of God – Soundings from St John of the Cross, Father Iain Matthew, Hodder & Stoughton, 1995; Page 56


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