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Maunday Thursday – Jesus Washes his disciples’ feet

April 5, 2012

Human hands gently clean human feet

Maunday Thursday

Traditionally, at this time of year, Christians from across the world gather together to remember the Biblical story of a man called Jesus, who led a group of male and female disciples in first century Palestine.

The story (or stories) of the Biblical Gospels tell us of how this young man spent time with a small group of close friends having a final communal meal before being arrested by the religious and political establishment of that time,  brutally tortured and executed. 

It is a story told that represents a prescient moment in the history of world religions and civilisation. In a traditional society with entrenched hierarchies of power and authority, the charismatic young leader, who has at times gathered crowds of thousands followers, prepares for an intimate dinner (possibly the Jewish Seda and Passover meal) with an estimated twenty to thirty close friends and family.

 Before eating, however, it is custom for people of that time and place to have their feet washed by a slave. Their feet are covered with dirt and sweat having travelled mostly on foot on dusty roads,  fitted only with simple sandals.

According to the historical texts, the disciples of Jesus should be at the peak of their knowledge, insight and training. Yet, predictably, like so many of us human beings, they expect a ‘lesser’ person to do the dirty work of feet washing.

As almost a final gesture of the young leader’s life,  Jesus, the man at the top of the hierarchy of the group of disciples, takes off his outer clothes, wraps a towel round him and begins to wash…to wash the disciples grimy feet.

The scene is described in chapter 13 of the Gospel of John.

In sparse words, a moment of scandalous epiphany in the history of human/religio relations is richly described. The man at the top gets down on his knees and takes the role (probably of a woman) at the lowest strata of society. For believers this scene represents even more than that…it is God Himself in human form washing dirt from the feet of human beings.

It is an often overlooked aspect of Christian teaching, that I think all of us, certainly myself, continually struggle with. Yet it shows forward a new idea in human beings relationships with one another and with God.  Here we see illuminated that the path to God is downwards not upwards. We encounter God not as ruler or king, but as a servant for blood and boned, fleshly humanity.

Artist Howard Banks captures in earthy hues and subtle light a  silent, close up of this scene. The figures and faces of the people involved are not revealed. We see (we believe) the hands of Jesus and the foot of one of the disciples in a tender gesture and gentle intimacy. Yet, the painting leaves open the viewer to question whose feet and whose hands are portrayed? Might they also be yours and mine? The painting is entitled Our Humble God.

 “Our Humble God”, by artist, Howard Banks, is reproduced with permission by Veritasse Ltd. More  Christian art work by other gifted artists can be found on the Veritasse site at 

For a link direct to Howard Banks gallery see below:


Night assures us that there is somewhere to go

April 5, 2012

The Sun's brilliance is more apparent at the horizon as night beckons

Father Iain Matthew writes in his book The Impact of God :

”Contemplation is nothing but a hidden, peaceful, loving inflow of God. If it is given room, it will inflame the spirit with love.’

If God is a self-bestowing God, then his gift is liable to engage us. If he is active, then, in prayer, provided we stay around, he is liable to act.

NIGHT: if God is beyond us, his approach is also liable to leave us feeling out of our depth. When the divine engages us more deeply, our minds and feelings will have less to take hold of, accustomed as they are to controlling the agenda, to meeting God on their own terms and in portions they can handle. A deeper gift (from God) will feel like no gift at all. His ‘loving inflow’ is hidden; it is night.’

The Impact of God – Soundings from St John of the Cross, Father Iain Matthew, Hodder & Stoughton, 1995; Page 56


Whispers of heaven, radiant earth (Part 2)

March 27, 2010

Heaven by UNKLE


Where’s the Seraphim

Where’s the money that we made

Where’s the open gate

Where’s the fortune that we saved

Heaven’s here for you and me

With every falling curl

Heaven’s here for you and me

we gained ourselves the world


Hit the Motorway

I can take it all at speed

I got everything

I got everything you need

Heaven’s here for me and you

 scattered out with pearls

Heaven’s here for me and you

we gained ourselves the world


Where’s the warrior of light

with gates of solid gold

Paranoia through the fight

with dreams that never fold

Heaven’s here for me n you

scattered out with pearls

Heaven’s here for me and you

we gained ourselves the world. (x2)


I thought I would post the lyrics for this song Heaven by the band UNKLE. I don’t know the story behind these words or the meaning intended them by the author(s). However, like much poetry they speak at an unconscious level. Somehow the combination of specific words in a carefully chosen order and linked with phrases which we may be (un)/familiar with in certain other contexts, reaches beneath the iron gates of our pragmatic reason and teases out a thread of deeper life from the poetic core of our soul.

Rationally speaking, I honestly don’t know the meaning of these words. All I can say with absolute conviction is that from experience they stir within me something sensitive and fresh. The words gently encourage a part of me, which is normally  hidden inside and usually dares not raise its bruised and battered face out from its dark jail into the light. These words uncover something, that in normal circumstances, I would be embarrassed to confess. They tenderly coach out from within, dreams of a better world, either in this world or the next. Yes, a world called Heaven.

Heaven – a world of comforting power, bathed in soft light, dressed with sparkling treasure that could be angels and golden gates. It could also be closer to home sometimes. Heaven in radiant earth. The myriads of crystal clear, prisms of raindrops on a showery day? The release of tension in the saline solution of a single tear? The body’s healing convulsions in sobbing when the heart cries free? Perhaps heaven is revealed momentarily in the sunset. Fractured light that bathes the world in an amber glow of sunbeams through the windows of a car travelling down the road? The feeling of waking up in bed to the warmth of a body whose faithful presence has straddled both good and bad times over the years? 

I don’t want to hijack the song-writers intentions or words for a sectarian cause. The lyrics of the song, and the music and video that accompany it, belong to the artistic vision of their creators. I don’t know what their intentions or meanings for their art are. I just know that they touch and free me. They inspire me to think again about life on this earth and the meaning of heaven. I love the final refrain of this song. The singer enunciates  a vision of immanent beauty and transcendent mystery:


“Heaven’s here for me n you

scattered out with pearls

Heaven’s here for me and you

we gained ourselves the world.”