Spring – resurgent light and life


A red tulip in my garden

Here are some photos I have taken of nature over the last couple of days. I guess they don’t need any great explanation.

'Blue flowers' from my garden - 26th March 2010


An unopened, pink tulip reaches out to the sun - March 26th 2010

I have never been much of a photographer, but trying to capture a little of the beauty of nature with a digital camera has given me so much satisfaction recently. It has awakened within me a new awareness of the wonder of  Spring. The season’s light, colour and life. The beauty and paradoxical random order of the natural world.

Riverside landscape from park outside Sheffield - March 25th 2010


Mallard and duck photographed outside of Sheffield 25th March 2010

Seeing each of these aspects of nature – birds, plants, flowers and places -and being aware of their uniqueness has given me a lasting feeling of new life. They simply have made me happy.

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